Friday, March 7, 2014

27. Traveling Buddies - By Celebrity Guest Arden Friend

            The Leaning tower of Pisa. Also known as the Leaning tower of Pizza to Scarlet. This huge mass of engineering failure is known on a global level. Originally, the tower was to be just a bell tower to the huge Duomo right next to it.(Which I highly recommend going to. It's ceiling is wonderfully constructed.) Now it's the reason most people travel to the city to get a unique picture of themselves trying to push/kick/shove the tower over. The 15 foot lean astonishes all who come to see it. Those with OCD might be a little jittery, but they'll be okay.

           Construction of the building started in 1173 A.D. Over the course of two centuries and three different architects the tower was finally finished. Why did it take so long to build? Well, like most students with homework, after building roughly half of the tower construction stopped. No one knew why, but the building was left half done and untouched for 100 years. This was because the city was in battle with Florence, Genoa, and Lucca. The next architect then almost finished it before construction was stopped again for another 100 years. Again, because they were in battle again with Genoa. But the good thing is the building was finally finished in 1372.

           Anyways, now that you've had your history lesson for the day I'd like to go on with the major topic of today's blog. Traveling buddies. Or friends. I don't care what you would like to call it as long as it gets the point across. Now at the Leaning tower of Pisa Brenna was very clear that she wanted to have THE perfect picture of her kicking the tower on Dad, Scarlet, and Brody. Me being the photographer tried to make that happen. After numerous attempts and shots, Brenna began to complain and finally had mom do it. Not my fault she can't balance on one foot for five seconds.

 The final product

          This also got me thinking about travel buddies. Everyone needs them for a trip. So, to help anyone looking for a travel buddy to go with them on a road trip, to China, or to Walmart if you're too scared to confront the cashier alone. I have built up a list in my head that I will now share with you all.

1.)  They must like traveling- This is a given. Do you really want to bring a couch potato on a trip through the Amazon?

2.)Must be a morning person- Let's be real if you want to get anywhere before noon one of you has to be up.

3.) Must be a good cook- I would like to think I'm a good cook, but I get an A+ in burning grilled cheese. So if you're busy and doing other things it would be nice if you're traveling buddy was able to cook in a nice dinner.

4.) Make sure they aren't a complainer- In order to keep your sanity bring along a person you know will be okay with what's planned for the day.

5.)Don't bring your enemy- Traveling buddies should get along, or at least till the plane touches the ground back home.

6.) Don't bring a spender- If you bring a person who just wants to eat out at restaurants every night you might have a problem.

7.) Bring a sibling- A sibling is someone who you could get along with, so it's safest to bring them. Also you can say whatever you want to them. Doesn't matter if they like it or not they're stuck with you for the rest of their life anyways:)

8.) Bring a best friend- Do I really have to go into detail about this.

9.)They should be open at trying new things- We all need that person whose willing to go down that dark alley just to see whats on the other side. Maybe an fantastic city view that makes the whole journey worth it or a scary man with a knife. Either way it's exciting to see how it plays out.

10.) Don't bring someone who strict on keeping schedule-My mother is this person, but we're working on it.

11.) Bring a buddy who is bilingual- Donde esta el bano?

      That concludes my Traveling Buddy tips and my summary of yesterdays trip. I hope you all enjoyed my celebrity appearance and like my writing more than Brenna's. Enjoy the rest of you're day!


  1. Note from Brenna: Arden took about 10 minutes to get that horribly proportioned picture. It really should not have taken that long to say "Brenna, scoot forward and to the left"

  2. You're life is so difficult. -Arden

  3. Love the traveling tips. I'll consider them the next time I travel. I'm so glad your European tour is going well!

  4. Great job Arden. Pleased you were able to take time out of your busy schedule to pen a few lines.